Danish Crown Supertops Pre-Cooked Smoky Bacon Category

Competitor: Francesco Macri - Pizza Pilgrims
Pizza Name: Smoky Crown
Target Market: Restaurant, Takeaway, Street Food, Delivery, Supermarket
RRP: £10.30

Chef's Secret:

Use a third of the weight of the smoky bacon in the dough of the pizza, the rest of it in fusion with the Mozzarella in cooking.”

About the Chef:

Francesco was born in Colombia at the foot of the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes in 1993 but in August 1994 his parents moved to Italy. He has been cooking since he was a small child and whilst studying at school, he enrolled in a cooking class.

Whilst working, he became interested in pizza art, and decided to enrol on a pizza course. After working in catering for almost 10 years he was now beginning to understand the sacrifices required but also the pleasure that comes with achieving your dream and your goals. On completion of his course, he worked for four years for a large company in Rome learning all about the various types of dough and began to develop his own ideas.

 In February 2017 he moved to London where he still is today and continues to develop his ideas and the desire to represent both his culture and culinary origins in his products. He works with hydrated and leavened dough and strives to always ensure a good quality product.