Whitworths New York Style Category

Competitor: Mark Baber - Woodfire Dine
Pizza Name: The New Yorkshire Meatballer
Target Market: Restaurant
RRP: £14.95

About the Chef:

Mark is a Pizzeria Owner and won the coveted title of Pizza Chef of the Year in 2019.

As a father of two boys and husband to his wife Victoria, Mark’s life is focused on building a solid foundation through his pizzeria that not only benefits his family but also the local community. Pizza is always at the heart of what they do at Woodfire Dine. Lockdown enabled the pizzeria to switch from a sit-down restaurant to a takeaway model overnight.

During this challenging time, the staff and owners continually supported the NHS and local communities and local charities. Without pizza none of the above would have happened.  

Winning the 2019 award gave Mark the opportunity to expand his business and he will continue to develop, grow and strive to, in his words ‘use this wonderfully simple product to help as many people as it has helped me. #PizzaLove.