Stonebaked thin £1.25 from £2.00 in Tesco

Takeaway range £2.50 in Morrison’s

Takeaway range £2.50 in Asda (Reduced from £3.80)

Stonebaked thin £1.25 from £2.00 in Tesco:

What’s better than a crispy thin base. That crunch. The flavour. Yeah, we got ya covered. If you head over to Tesco, you can get your mitts on any of our Stonebaked Thin pizzas for £1.25. That’s almost 50% off. Don’t say we never did nothing for ya.

Takeaway range £2.50 in Morrison’s Details:

Movie night with the family? That’s our speciality. And in honour of National Pizza Week, we’re giving it to ya at a discount. Head over to your local Morrison’s and grab a pizza, hey, grab two. At this price, you can keep the whole family happy.

Takeaway range £2.50 in Asda (Reduced from £3.80) Details:

Date night? Okay, maybe not – but whoever you’re spending time with this week, spend the time over the best pizza in the game. A night in is so much better when there’s pizza involved, and you know we’re right. Massive reduction on the whole Takeaway range over in Asda this week. Just don’t burn the roof of your mouth. That’s a downer.