Five Pizza Topping Ideas From Hot Star Honey


There’s a new heat-wave emerging for National Pizza Week with Hot Star Honey, the chilli honey sauce maker, recently made its debut in London Olympia where it launched a new Scotch Bonnet Honey at the ‘European Pizza and Pasta Show’ followed by being Highly Commended at the the PAPA industry awards for its Chilli Honey Sauce ladt week. 

“Our Scotch Bonnet Chilli Honey is a carefully crafted Hot and Spicy Chilli Honey Sauce with a Caribbean buzz” - They marry the sweetness of natural honey, fiery Scotch Bonnet peppers and fruity apple cider vinegar with specially toasted spices.

Hot Star Honey are joining in the celebration of National Pizza Week and to mark the event, the team have created a menu of five pizzas perfect with Hot Honey which they will share on Instagram 

Their favourite flavour is Jerk Chicken Pizza with Scotch Bonnet Honey - could this become one of Britain’s new favourite pizza toppings?.. as Brits are falling more in love with sweet-heat and drizzling chilli honey over pizza. 

Find out more over on their website: